Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What do you think???

So I have reverted back to the original template that I first started my blog with.

What do you think? I think I prefer that it is a bit more substantial than the minimalistic look that I had.

I would really like to hear your opinions?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Some sewing to share...

As part of the previous post (that I lost when trying to save), I wanted to share all the other bits of sewing I have done in the last while..
I made this sunny, green and yellow dress from this Butterick pattern:

I love the bright yellow, and it is such a light dress for the summer!

Then I also made my Sweet Little Girl a Pillowcase dress, using this tutorial from A Little Loveliness. Except, I did not read all the instructions, and in my haste to get it done, I did not cut the fabric wide enough, and so it lacks that beautiful fullness, that makes Melissa's dresses so gorgeous.

I used a pretty print, and it turned out a fresh sun dress...
(Can you tell it is Summer in South Africa?)

I have a few other things that I would like to share, but have to take some more pictures first....
To all of you on the other side of the world whom are just awaking to this day, I hope your Monday is fantastic!

Sewing Weekend Fun!

So I am terribly frustrated as I have just written a very long post and when I tried to upload it, I received an error message, and of course the entire post was lost!!

So in a nutshell....

I brought my sewing machine down from our bedroom to our dining room on the weekend so that I could do some social sewing whilst watching the kids play in the little baby pool we had put up on the grass...

My Granny let me scratch around in her stockpile on the weekend, and I found a huge amount of fabulous fabrics... some dating quite some years ago...

Jessica fell in love with two of the shiniest bits of fabric, and so I made her two very simple twirly skirts:

See the ghastly '70's shiny blue metallic one? Well, she loves that one so much she went to bed with it.. I kid you not!

Monday, November 9, 2009

A new (old) addition..

So this arrived on Saturday... and I am totally in love with it..

I have waited 3 weeks for this old cane back rocking chair that I bought online. Although the experience was not a pleasant one, I have at long last got my chair and it fits perfectly in this corner of the house. It rocks!!!

And... I am not the only one that loves to sit in it. I had to fight to get to sit in it any length of time as the smallest member of the family loves the swaying motion .. naturally.

Sweet weekends...

Our weekend was filled with sweetness.... from real sweetness in terms of delicious dessert decadence (will tell you some more a little later), to sweet cousins visiting and a seriously sweet Saturday spent with 4 generations of ladies (in the pic in the middle (right), there are 4 generations of eldest daughters)!

We spent a wonderful day at my mothers house, with my sister, gran and my mom's youngest sister. Mss J took to her cousins (whom she had never met) and they were absolute darlings! It was a day of splashing in the baby pool, lots of cuddles and love shared between family members....(as featured above between Miss J and my darling sister)...