Friday, August 12, 2011

A little learning and a lot of Fun!

Vintage Colored Wood Beads and Laces

Whale Crayon Holder-Large
(Images courtesy of toddler-art-school on ETSY)

Jessica's Pre-School has a wonderful new teacher that has really gotten the kids engaged with all sorts of interesting activities, new learning opportunities and lots of time to be creative.
She is a real gem in a world where quality teachers have become so scarce!
They now have a reading corner..
a dress-up corner...
an area where puzzles are built and cards are laced..
They have a bake wednesday where each child gets his/ her own mixing bowl and utensils to create their own baking masterpiece!
The best part ... every other Friday they do something special! They have had a Dress-up Tea party, Pyjama Party and Pizza party so far! The kids of course love it!

A wonderful thing that has come from this is that New Teacher has gotten all the parents involved in their children's education. I don't know about the rest but I'm very excited about being a part in developing the abilities of my Inquisitive and bright Little Girl.

New Teacher has been emphasising how important it is that children are also receiving the correct stimulation at home. So this past weekend I went in search of some educational aids and activity books that are suitable for a four year old and focuses on fine motor skills (which is what we are currently practising).

For the South African parents I found a wonderful website with educational aids and toys and they deliver!
Please visit their website and delight in the variety that they offer:

Have a wonderful weekend!!