Friday, September 28, 2012

For the love of... VINTAGE clothing

A look around etsy today and I found a shop with gorgeous clothing...
Here is a peek.. but go and visit DOTTO's shop on etsy... with a 10% discount currently on lots of lovely goodies!
 Playful Peter Pan collar dress...
 Beautiful pink sequence dress .. I love this dress for a summer wedding..
 Won't you just feel like an everyday Princess with this gorgeous night gown?

 The cutest cute pilbox hat... I LOVE IT!
 Beautifully stylish brown secretaries dress!
 How fun is this cocktail dress?
 Pink bridesmaid dress... classical
 Very innovative reversible handbag.. AWESOME!
 I love this colour ... Teal bridesmaid dress
and how can you not love this Lace Peter Pan collar VELVET dress....

AAAAAAH... those were the days!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Boy's Birthday :)

I have lived through a couple of "Girl" birthdays already, and they seem to get more elaborate every year! Will publish some pics of Jessica's last birthday soon...
Our next project though is Wardus' birthday.. and the theme will be tractors .... so this is some of the ideas my sister and I have been playin with..


Thursday, April 5, 2012


I Celebrated my 34th Birthday this week!
Can you believe it!
I can't!
How did I get here so quickly...

 But, life is good again... seems to be back on track...
I have this wonderful man in my life that has helped me find my Joy again, helped me feel calm, happy..
and then there are these people...
Each one holds a special place in my heart... a little family.. somehow we have come full circle and we are a family again... we are happy ... content!
and of course the two little munchkins.... here with my Brother in law, Eddie...
my sweet, sweet girl Jessica and my nephew Wardus, little busy bee!
Our family could not be complete without the busy-ness and happiness that these two bring.. they have completed our picture!

 We had a lovely day filled with fun and all the people I love the most!!
Here's to many years with all the people of my ♥!