Thursday, April 5, 2012


I Celebrated my 34th Birthday this week!
Can you believe it!
I can't!
How did I get here so quickly...

 But, life is good again... seems to be back on track...
I have this wonderful man in my life that has helped me find my Joy again, helped me feel calm, happy..
and then there are these people...
Each one holds a special place in my heart... a little family.. somehow we have come full circle and we are a family again... we are happy ... content!
and of course the two little munchkins.... here with my Brother in law, Eddie...
my sweet, sweet girl Jessica and my nephew Wardus, little busy bee!
Our family could not be complete without the busy-ness and happiness that these two bring.. they have completed our picture!

 We had a lovely day filled with fun and all the people I love the most!!
Here's to many years with all the people of my ♥!


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