Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A few of my favourite things............

My hubby's mom brought me these wonderful old children's clothes patterns from her jumble collection.......They are an absolute treasure and I can't wait to get sewing.....

Note!!! I am starting out with the "EASY" pattern......... no button holes and zips. Just little poppers to fasten at the top, although I have a feeling I might try my hand at making some button holes as I have some very cute buttons that I would like to use.

I found this gorgeous fabric with the butterfly print at a small little sewing shop in our village, and what a find it was. They have the most beautiful fabrics and a nice little scrap basket, with off-cut pieces at a really good price.
So, inbetween trying to get my first quilt done and everything else, I am going to try and cut the pattern this week..... will keep you posted!

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