Friday, January 29, 2010

The Messenger Bag

Yes, I am still posting on Gifts I have made for Christmas...
That's how long it has taken me to get my act together.
I wanted to make my Sweet Sister something really special, something from my heart, something that was thoughtful and would show her how much I love her.
I found such a gift over at Blue Bird Baby's blog (which is possibly the most inspirational day to day blog around). It was the perfect gift, and perfectly suited to her.

I lined the inside of the Messenger bag with a creamy material with a fine flower print to balance the heavy khaki on the outside.
It was a bit of a gamble as my sis wouldn't usually be into flower prints. She loved it though, and it was a good balance so all was good in the end.
Some detail I added to her bag. Antique cotton lace. Her name embroidered on a scrap of fabric and stitched to the body of her bag.

(This is a pretty poor shot - something to do with the light-I think, but you get the idea)
A close-up of the Queen Anne's lace on the flap of the bag. I found the pattern here.


  1. great job on Erin's tute.your embroidery is fabulous!

  2. Thank you very much for your nice comments. It really made me smile to read it here.
    I had a peek at your blog, and oh my, you have beautiful kiddos!