Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Things we made for Christmas .... ginger biscuits

I would like to share some of the crafty things I got up to over the holiday season. Although I know everything to do with Christmas will by now be done and dusted, I still think these are worth sharing. Especially since a lot of crafty blogs, inspired my own craft ideas!

As our holidays started, we decided to bake some ginger biscuits as small gifts for friends and family:

My little helper assisted with pressing out the cookie shapes and icing them afterwards, and we had such a good time doing it!
I folded these Origami Cups out of scrapbook paper from instructions I found here. The cookies were packed in tissue paper, inserted into the Origami Cups and tied up with a pretty ribbon. We bought some festive tags with tinkling bells on them (also miss Jessica's find) and attached them to the Origami Cups with a festive greeting on the back.
They where extremely well received and I was so proud to give them out. I will definately do these easy gift ideas again next christmas!

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