Monday, November 16, 2009

Sewing Weekend Fun!

So I am terribly frustrated as I have just written a very long post and when I tried to upload it, I received an error message, and of course the entire post was lost!!

So in a nutshell....

I brought my sewing machine down from our bedroom to our dining room on the weekend so that I could do some social sewing whilst watching the kids play in the little baby pool we had put up on the grass...

My Granny let me scratch around in her stockpile on the weekend, and I found a huge amount of fabulous fabrics... some dating quite some years ago...

Jessica fell in love with two of the shiniest bits of fabric, and so I made her two very simple twirly skirts:

See the ghastly '70's shiny blue metallic one? Well, she loves that one so much she went to bed with it.. I kid you not!

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  1. Why, o why am I not surprised that little Miss J simply loves the Electric Blue one...??? I love what you've done with the dresses! They do remind one of the warm, sunny Southern days!!!