Monday, November 9, 2009

Sweet weekends...

Our weekend was filled with sweetness.... from real sweetness in terms of delicious dessert decadence (will tell you some more a little later), to sweet cousins visiting and a seriously sweet Saturday spent with 4 generations of ladies (in the pic in the middle (right), there are 4 generations of eldest daughters)!

We spent a wonderful day at my mothers house, with my sister, gran and my mom's youngest sister. Mss J took to her cousins (whom she had never met) and they were absolute darlings! It was a day of splashing in the baby pool, lots of cuddles and love shared between family members....(as featured above between Miss J and my darling sister)...


  1. I love this photo montage - I can tell that it was a sweet weekend indeed! Everyone looks so happy.

  2. Thank you for your comment, Christine... It was such a lovely surprise to see it here! I still feel like the crazy cat lady, posting here sometimes ..... Seeing as my blog is so new still :-)!