Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Wednesday Edition

Welcome, thank you for stopping by.
Please come in, have some tea and cake and let's chat.
What is it that I like this week you ask?
Well, here it is:
  • These guys run in packs -  I love that they look like you’ve caught them in the act!
  • and another. Except, I actually would like to attempt to make this one
  • I love this rosette headband. Especially in this silver gray!
  • Natural DIY baby-wipes - go have a look. Not harmful to baby or the environment.
  • My new blog of the week: Frugal Home Designs. I love what this mommy does with ordinary around-the-house sorta stuff!
  • Yummy Chocolate cake that we baked to celebrate my sister's BIG news!

Sleep has become a myth in our household this week. Can you believe we are all too excited about our trip to even sleep? I tell ya!

If you do ever stop by this blog, please be so kind as to say hi or leave a comment, lest I feel like the crazy cat lady.


1 comment:

  1. Hi sis! Heeheehee, please warn before
    the-crazy-cat-lady signs start! Love the blog, and I think the bags are going to be a hit with the girls!
    PS. The cake was pure indulgence!